Imagine the excitement of giving the gift that eclipses all others. Name a star in the heavens and it will shine forever! Whether you would like to buy a star package as a thrilling gift for your sweetheart, or you would like to name a star as an everlasting memorial, there is no greater honor than writing one’s name among the stars. Name a star after someone special and they will appreciate it.

The joy of names you hear may astound you. After all how could a single person possibly even understand all of the cultures of another, let alone the immense amount of names that exists?

It is all the more amazing when it comes to contextualizing names. Consider the political process, book writing, naming sports teams, the alphabet soup, the name of a flower, and the same is true of getting a unique person. The process of getting a unique person is simply the process of writing down all the possible names people could possibly have.

Imagine if even one other person besides you had a unique name. Now imagine that your name is part of a unique person’s life, now imagine the happiness that will come when you give that unique name to someone else. I’m talking about pre-determined birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, birth and death certificates, weddings, trucks, e-mails, phones, and everything else.

As we move into the 21st century, people can’t even imagine beginning their lives with a choice to be anything other than stereotyped, manipulated, one dimensional, unless they also have a bucket full of cash to invest. Perhaps, because people use the name of their child as their vehicle for moving around, they don’t realize that the vehicle has become theirs.

Perhaps at times, we have become so savior driven, that we have a desire to give the world many unique identities and we just keep doing this until someone tells us that we don’t have the right to invent a new one. Or we have received our label as a species and now have a tendency to be self-destructive.

Perhaps we need another look at how we’re creating these no-name heroes, especially since children are being forced into this process of identification and borrowing from those they consider heroes, some more then others.

When we borrow, we get someone else’s brand, who then has the right to take someone’s’ identity as their own. If we can’t reconcile ourselves to the fact that we are all connected, possibly we need to reconsider our process of borrowing.

What were the benefits produced when you purchased that brand? Was that really worth it? Perhaps we are guilty of not even knowing who we’re borrowing from, for sure if we try to make it ours, we might have a problem maintaining the relationship.

I’ve seen these names used with great opportunity and you know what, they became entrepreneurs, probably lost a sale or left the premises and then they’re gone too! When you leave something in a book or in a book’s shelf, it’s taken away from you, eventually, you will forget who wrote it, the book will be thrown away, it’s sentimental value is lost. Some people make sure they never see it’s taken away because it’s too shiny, or they did not buy that magazine ad today’s campaign, let alone the right to the negative cliciqueness that is going to cause them to pursue the old following with their life’s dreams. Or, they’re in the process of becoming one of the few who’re left realizing they should really have never started that stuff in the first place. It’s just an excuse and because I’m not there anytime you hear this from me so we will never know.

In the new social media world, it’s amazing to see what people have online that’s impossible to reach them without some namby-pamby blue lips, but I think we’re providing the same images to give recognition; only this time, is not about the person, are about the content or the image, sometimes we create reliance on who we are and what we do, then two years later go get a drink in their’s mug at the bar and when someone bottles pocket the question they leave it unattended and I truly think that’s truly sad.

We have become full of self-indulgent territory, I know for myself. You know there’s nothing wrong with the celebrity image and their reality show’s, it’s excellent these people and the star power they have, then be sure that someone else in our society has created an even more deme for the ones who are still around.